Custom Tailoring


The garments we make are the result of a great selection that starts from the research of the best Italian fabric producers, Cerruti, Tallia di Delfino, Ariston, Ermenegildo Zegna and Reda, together with the dedication and passion of our expert tailors, listening to the needs of customers, to arrive at the packaging of a single item.


The craft shirts, with the best tailoring details, very low and tight stitching, made with a closed bust, mouche, English keystrokes, customizable neck and cuffs, the best double twisted fabric, cotton or linen.
Mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-sewn with lily pattern, clutch bag and initials.


The waistcoat is the ideal accessory to wear on different occasions, it turns into a formal accessory if combined with a suit, it is ideal in the office once the jacket is removed, maintains an informal elegance when worn with a jeans and shirt.
The configuration possibilities range from a single-breasted or double-breasted button closure, the pockets and buttons can be chosen according to your taste.


The tailored women’s shirt has the charm of the particular
It is a unique garment, made according to the tailor’s directions and following the customer’s tastes, together creating a unique garment.
The wide selection of details such as the collar, the cuffs, the unique line, the initials and the fabrics that can range from the carefully selected 100% double twisted or slightly stretched cotton, the hand sewn mother-of-pearl buttons will make your shirt measure your most beloved head.


Have fun designing your tailored coat, together we will decide the line and fabrics, either in very warm wool or cashmere, you will choose the details to customize your tailored coat to the maximum, you can choose between a classic button with three buttons or double-breasted or more sporty with two buttons, the neck with a classic revere or with a spear-shaped collar.
You decide whether to make a whole lining or unstructured the garment, the mother-of-pearl buttons and the types of pockets if you want to make a very formal coat or a sportswear item.


The tailored blazer is the garment that you can wear, not combining a pair of trousers, freeing yourself from the outfit you can match it with the trousers that inspire you the most.
We can choose a line more ‘dry, deconstructing the blazer choosing a shirt shoulder without applying the lining, we will choose together how to customize all the details, from the neck that is classic or lance to the more or less formal pockets to the buttons.


Have fun making your pants part of a suit or not, whether formal or sporty, in wool or cotton, with pleats or more dry.
If you prefer the zip or buttons, we will evaluate whether to apply the loops, the buttons for the straps and if you want a high waist, the type of strap

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