Sartoria Milano has always passionately combined traditional craftsmanship with the most modern technologies available, creating a blend of past and future to create ever more excellent solutions.
Thanks to our 3D body scanner cabin and a portable 3D detector, we are able to collect all the measurements of your body in seconds, accurately and flexibly.
By reprocessing this digital data, we can study the ergonomics and proportions of our sartorial garments in full, ensuring maximum comfort and a perfect fit for each of our creations.

Some of our work

Our 3D scanner cabin allows us to obtain very high precision measurements in a very short time.
It is a latest-generation technology that can provide more reliable data and handle complex measurements quickly and non-invasively.
This solution is present in our Showroom in Milan, and can be used by appointment.

Portable 3D scanner

Thanks to our portable Body-Scanner we are able to reach you with this modern technology and take measurements directly at home.
In just a few minutes, you can get a reliable and complete reading of your measurements without having to go to the showroom.

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