Tailoring Milan & Friends

We have had the pleasure and honour of being able to make clothes and carry out tailoring repairs for many leading figures from the worlds of fashion, television, film, music and sport.

Experience in San Remo

Art and craftsmanship come together to create a masterpiece:

After the outfit made for Zucchero's participation in the 67th edition of Sanremo, we had the pleasure and the honour to collaborate again with the artist for the creation of the tailor-made jacket worn by him during his participation as guest of honour at the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

We worked in tune with the singer to design and create an iconic garment that reflected his personality and style in every detail.

The jacket was entirely embroidered by hand during 36 hours of hard work and given the limited time available, we opted to divide it into 2 parts so that we could work on it by 4 hands, thus drastically reducing the time needed to complete it.

There are rose bushes on the arms and on the front, and the logo of the artist's 'D.O.C.' album on the back.

It was a unique and indescribable thrill to see the garment come to life on stage, accompanying the singer during the performance as a super guest.

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